Bonus Codes

When you want to sign up to a casino, it makes sense to see what they can offer you before you do so. Almost all casinos online today have welcome bonuses to share with new players. It’s one of the reasons players are attracted to some casinos more than others.

If you have discovered a casino that has the full suite of Arrows Edge games available, it might be time to see what their welcome packages are like. Some will offer just one package to all players. Others might have a choice of packages. These might depend on the type of game you would prefer to play or on the amount you are willing to deposit.

In every case, it is best to read the terms and conditions connected to the deal before claiming it. This way, you’ll know how it works and what you can expect from it.

You might also wonder what is on offer in these deals. Firstly, you will usually get a percentage as your bonus amount. This will usually be a minimum of 100%, but we have seen deals offering 300% and even more for first deposits.

Secondly, you might also be fortunate enough to get some free spins as well. These might be given in one hit or in small quantities on consecutive days. For example, you might get 100 spins granted in 10 batches of 10.

What about finding bonus codes for existing players?

Some casinos seem to forget about their players once they have given them their welcome bonus. However, we are relieved to reveal to you that is usually not true. If you are looking for an Arrows Edge casino to try out, you should look for any signs of bonus codes designed for existing players to use.

These codes can get you free spins, a boost to a deposit, or even cashback in some instances. You should be able to find them on the promotions page of your selected casino website. However, in other cases, codes can be sought elsewhere online simply by searching for them.

The more bonus codes you find for established players, the more potential there is for you to claim something extra as a perk whenever you visit or make a deposit. Be sure to copy and paste the required code into the correct spot when depositing via the cashier.

Deposit bonuses give you a good start at a new casino

Lots of great casinos provide access to Arrows Edge slots. Maybe you’ve found one you would like to sign up to. If so, ask yourself what their deposit bonuses are like.

We’ve discussed these above… or at least you might think so. Surely these bonuses are the welcome bonuses, yes? Well, not exactly. A deposit bonus is a type of bonus applied when depositing funds at your casino. This doesn’t apply to the first deposit you make; instead, it applies to subsequent deposits.

Some casinos give second deposit bonuses, third deposit bonuses, and more. Others only provide the welcome package, but then move on to smaller deposit bonuses you can use at certain times. They might apply to certain days of the week or to deposits of a certain value. Read the rules and see how many deposit bonuses you can find.

Are no deposit bonuses the most popular ones of all?

We think so. If you haven’t encountered this type of bonus yet, allow us to explain what it is. The name relates to the fact you don’t need to deposit anything to get it. The only thing you need to do is to sign up for a new account at a casino.

This means these bonuses are only available for newbies to claim. If you’ve already joined a casino and you spot that they’re offering a no deposit bonus to new members, you’re out of luck. Mind you, we have already seen there are plenty of other bonuses up for grabs at online casinos, so you may not miss out at all.

What are free spins bonuses?

These bonus offers provide players with a chance to claim some free spins to use on a game. There are various forms of this deal you might spot:

  1. Free spins for a new game release
  2. Free spins for any games provided on the site
  3. Free spins for games from a certain provider, such as Arrows Edge

You can see that some will be more restricting than others. However, we like the idea of getting some freebies to use on a new slot release. It gives us the opportunity to try it without cost, and yet still be in with a chance to start winning prizes.

These deals, in common with all the other deals you might see, do have terms and conditions attached. You might be limited in the amount you can get in prize money. You might also need to complete wagering requirements to claim any prizes you get.

Weekly offers regularly provide something new to enjoy

We love weekly offers. They crop up at lots of online casinos, too. The idea is that some offers are periodical – they only pop up at certain times. Some might be daily, meaning you can get something different each day you sign in.

Other deals occur weekly, so you might only be able to claim them once a week. Alternatively, you might see a different deal on offer each week, maybe rotating in a monthly way.

As always, the best place to go to find out what is on offer is the promotions section of your selected casino. You should be able to read about all the current promotions there.

VIP membership: What does it offer?

VIP memberships and programs are seen across lots of online casinos. However, it is by no means certain you will get the chance to join such a program.

Casinos approach the idea differently, too. Some require you to make your first deposit to trigger automatic membership of the VIP program. Others only allow access to their best players, i.e. the ones spending the most at the casino.

We have discovered plenty of programs that opt for the first solution – the best one for you. When you make your first deposit, you will automatically be enrolled. This should mean you get the chance to start collecting comp points. These points are automatically calculated and collected in your account. Once you have enough, they can be converted to cash. You can then use that cash to fund more wagers on your favorite games.

Most programs of this nature are divided into different levels. Each one is labeled too. You might find they go from Bronze to Platinum. Meanwhile, some sites use their theme to inspire the names of the levels. For example, an outer space-themed site might use the names of planets for each level. Either way, you can usually see at a glance how the levels pan out and what to expect from each one.

How to take advantage of slots bonuses

Slots bonuses are wonderful additions to any casino for the average slot player. They come in the form of free spins or as bonuses on deposits intended to be used to play slots. This should be indicated in the info provided on such a deal. This means you cannot use the bonus to play other casino games.

The best way to take advantage of them is to regularly visit the promo area of your chosen casino. This is where details of all current bonuses should be provided. Some casinos divide them into sections, so you can find out more about the different bonuses, i.e. welcome deals, seasonal slots bonuses, and others. Another common addition is some free games granted for new slots just released on the platform.

Be sure you know about any wagering requirements or other stipulations involved with each deal. Each one should have easy access to read them underneath the main details.

Should you expect some card and table games bonuses too?

Do you feel left out when you see all those slots bonuses on the internet? We bet you do, yet there is no need to feel this way. Many casinos recognize that some of their players prefer to head for the tables, looking out for popular games such as blackjack and roulette. Why should these players miss out on some cool deals?

Well, there is no need to miss out at all. If you like switching over to try table games occasionally, simply look for deals that are designed to give you a boost when doing this. Some coupon codes will allow a bonus to be deposited into your account when you make a deposit to play table and card games.

This means you can only use that bonus to play these games. The terms and conditions for those deals will indicate which games are included and which are not. They will also tell you about any requirements or details you must adhere to when playing the games with your bonus funds.

How to use bonus code when claiming your selected deal at an Arrows Edge casino

A bonus code is typically a word or some words and numbers to indicate the nature of the deal. The best way to make sure you correctly use the code is to copy it. Go through to the cashier and paste the code in the space provided. This will usually say ‘coupon code’ or ‘bonus code’, so it should be quite clear where to paste it.

You should then follow the remaining steps to trigger the code. This might mean signing up for an account if you’re new to the casino. Alternatively, it might require you to make a deposit for a certain amount.

For example, if your code gives you a 100% bonus on deposits of $20 or more, make sure your deposit is worth at least that. If you deposit less than the minimum amount required, you will end up missing out on the deal, even though you entered the code in the correct space.

Providing you meet the requirements though you can look forward to receiving whatever your bonus code promised when you read about it. How cool is that?

Always be aware of bonus code terms

Every bonus code comes with terms attached. You might see these as terms and conditions or simply as bonus terms. They usually appear in small print under the promo deal itself. Alternatively, you might be prompted to click through to another page to read them.

Either way, we always recommend you do so. Reading the details provided in the terms and conditions is never the most exciting thing to do. We get that, truly we do. But let’s remember that these bonuses will almost always have wagering requirements attached. Even if they do not have such requirements, you’re likely to find they only allow a limited amount of prize money to be won from your bonus cash. Reading the details will ensure you know all about such elements.

How many limited-time bonus offers can you discover?

Time is of the essence with these bonus deals. They might only last for a few days – or even less – before they are withdrawn. Sometimes, these limited-time deals have a firm end date that is indicated when you read about them. At other times, they may not have a date, which means they could be withdrawn at any point.

Our advice to you when you spot such deals is to make the most of them as quickly as you can. We wouldn’t advise you to rush in if you’re not keen on the deal for any reason. However, if you like whatever they are offering you, you should make time to claim that deal before it disappears. Once it does, you won’t be able to use the bonus code to get the deal.