Kanga Cash Slots

We are all familiar with the Australian outback, even if our only experience of it is on the TV or in movies. However, you now have a chance to check out the Kanga Cash slot game, which has come direct from Arrow’s Edge.

Check out our review of it here and then give it a try when you want to play it for yourself.

What combination of reels and paylines is in play here?

You will find the same number of reels plenty of other slot games have – five, in this case. There are just nine paylines in play, although this is a nice number to work with as you can easily cover all of them.

What are your bet amounts like?

Get started with as little as a cent on each payline, and go all the way up to ten dollars if you like.

Which symbols will you see on the reels in Kanga Cash slots?

The kangaroo is the substitute symbol in Kanga Cash. Get five of these on a payline and you’ll win 10,000 coins. The shack is the scatter symbol, and this will win you your bet back with any two appearing on the reels. They don’t have to appear from the left to the right in order to pay out, in this case.

Can you expect a bonus round?

There is – you can go panning for gold! Get at least three shacks on the reels and you get a chance to do this in the bonus round. You’ll pan for gold in a river, and the idea is to get as many gold nuggets as you can – and for them to be as big as possible. The more you get, and the bigger they are, the better the prizes. You also get to carry on until you don’t find any more gold.

Download and enjoy playing Kanga Cash slots today!

The Kanga Cash slot is a great game and one we think you’ll enjoy playing. The more you understand about the game, the easier you’ll find it to settle in with some of your first bets. Make sure you are ready to find the kangaroo and the shack, and perhaps even find the bonus round too.

There are no free spins involved here, but there is enough going on to keep your attention on the game at all times. Give it a try today.