Alice in Dreamland: A Magic Gambling World

The rabbit hole in the case of the Alice in Dreamland online slot game leads straight to a lot of pleasantly surprising rewards, engaging gameplay and a beautifully designed look, which remains faithful to the written realm of Lewis Carol. If you are a fan of the book or of fantasy and that case and a devoted online gambler, this is definitely something you have to try. The game has five reels, which will offer you a mind-blowingly huge number of winning combinations and possibilities.

Symbols of the Dreamland

The symbols of this magical Dreamland, where money grow on trees (possibly literally as well), include the famous characters from the book like the Cheshire cat, the Queen of Hearts, the Caterpillar, the Mad Hatter and as you might have already guessed-the protagonist of Alice. All of these symbols will work their magic to grant you earnings. Players of Alice in Dreamland will be able to savor a lot of different bonuses and comfortable features all of which work together to increase the numbers of the sum of your winnings. First off, the wild symbol is the white rabbit, which can hop on reel two and reel four and can be of great use for countless different combinations. When the white rabbit joins in on a winning combination, as he will every single time he shows up on the reel, the rabbit will spin and will multiply the entire award of the spin by three in the best case scenario. This multiplying wild symbol effect also works with combinations which involve free spins and bonus games and when you add all the different profits from all the different symbols you can safely smile at the thought of the awards you will get from just one lucky spin.

Bonuses in the Dreamland

The scatter symbol is the infamous Mad Hatter. Three of the Mad Hatters on any of the reels will provide you with 10 free spins. If you throw in a Wild White Rabbit in there you will get even more free spins, meaning that when you combine the white rabbit’s multiplying effect you can get for instance not 10 free spins but 30 free spins if the white rabbit carries a 3x effect. The bonus game can be unlocked through the symbol of the heroine, Alice. The bonus feature can be divided in three sections. In the first section the player can decide between drinking a bottle and eating a cake and each one will give you a different award. Then, in the second part you will need to choose one out of five mushrooms. If the mushroom makes Alice grow in size, then you will be able to pick another mushroom and so on-for each successful mushroom, you will be given a reward. And in the third stage, Alice will be playing croquet with basically the same rules as in stage two. You will receive an award for every successful shot. Now, at this point, you might think that the bonuses and possible awards that Alice in Dreamland offers run out but no, there is also a Mystery Progressive Jackpot awaiting for you. When the jackpot reaches 10, 000 dollars it is awarded to a random person who is playing online at that exact moment. So just keep playing and you just might be the lucky guy.

Join Alice in the Dreamland

The Dreamland is Alice’s favourite place for sure but through the numerous financial, emotional and visual pleasures it provides, it might as well become yours too.