Progressive Slots

You’ll find a superb selection of Arrow’s Edge progressive slots in all Arrow’s Edge online casinos, and they make up what is known as the Cash Grab slots selection. All progressive online slots that are to be found in the best Arrow’s Edge casinos are 5 reel masterpieces that serve up fantastic graphics and the coolest of slots features, and there are just so many themes waiting to be enjoyed. Arrow’s Edge progressive jackpots grow quickly and pay out regularly with plenty of players spinning the reels and contributing to the bulging jackpot amounts, and winners can expect payouts well into the thousands of dollars. Here you’ll find a great selection of some of the very best Arrow’s Edge progressive Cash Grab slots, with all you needing to do is to take your pick and hit the reels.

Are progressive slots worth it?

This is a big question and not one everyone has the same answer to. Maybe you think it’s worth playing these slots instead of regular ones. If the bet amount per spin is identical, why not give yourself the chance to win that progressive pot, no matter how long the odds are? There is some common sense in this. The element to be aware of however is that some progressive slots demand a higher spin bet. Depending on your budget and your outlook, it may not be worth increasing your bet amount in that instance. Far better to look for a game where you can play the bet amount you’re happy with, while still getting a chance to play for that big pot in the middle.

Is there a ‘best time’ to play progressive slots?

The best time to play is when you can afford to. Wins don’t happen at certain times of the day or night. The only caveat to that is when you spot a jackpot slot where the progressive amount must trigger and be won before it reaches a certain level, i.e. $100,000, for example. Most progressives don’t work like this, although if you do find a ‘must win’ slot like this, it makes sense to play it when it gets close to the triggering value.

Progressive slots: Meaning and theory behind it

Most slot players know the meaning of the term progressive slots. Progressive simply means the jackpot element of the game will become progressively bigger the more people place bets on it. This alone normally makes a slot game more popular, and hence the jackpot gets bigger still as more people play it. The theory goes that the higher the jackpot gets, the more people will be attracted to it, all trying to win a life-changing amount. It’s why slots such as Mega Moolah – which has dropped millions of dollars over the past few years – continue to be huge hits online.

Progressive slots odds: Understanding how likely it is you’ll win

We know every slot game has a return-to-player value. This is often seen as RTP. You will notice that it tends to be somewhere around the 90-95% mark, although different games will vary. However, the odds of a game are very different. The odds of hitting the jackpot are going to be far longer than those of hitting the smallest prize a game can offer. That’s because many players are likely to win the small prize, since it pays out far more often than the big one. A progressive jackpot won’t drop very often. Imagine the number of players playing and the number of bets placed before it does so. That’s why the odds are always very long on winning a progressive sum of money by playing these games. You never know… but the odds are against you. It’s why we always suggest putting your budget first, as well as your enjoyment of the game. These two things should always rank above any chance you might have to win a life-changing amount.

Progressive slots vs regular slot games: Does one offer more than the other?

Of course, progressives always have that tantalizing pot of cash waiting to be won, usually sitting above the reels and getting bigger by the moment. But there are other elements to consider here as well. On a basic level, most slots are much the same. They will all have reels, they will either have paylines or win ways or cluster pays formats, and they will all offer various prizes to be won. So, if you’re going to choose a nice slot game to play, it would make sense to choose one that appeals to you in terms of bet amounts, features, and benefits. A clear benefit – an added one, if you will – is the presence of a progressive jackpot. If that jackpot is included, and you don’t need to bet any more than usual to stand a chance of winning it, it would make sense to play that game. Watch out, though – some slots require you to place the maximum bet to be in with a shot of the big prize. Be careful.

Is there such a thing as a progressive slots strategy?

About the only way you can adopt a strategy to play these games is by playing them as often as your budget allows. Instead of playing regular slots, however often or not you play them, you would play progressives. What’s that saying? You’ve got to be in it to win it. There is plenty of truth in that. Just accept the odds are long and make sure you choose a slot you’re going to enjoy. Anything on top of that is going to be a massive bonus, don’t you think? Some people do focus on games with the highest RTPs they can find. Another tactic is to focus on progressive slot games where the jackpot has already reached a high level. That should technically mean there is a greater chance of it being triggered soon, although you can never tell.

Progressive slots tips to remember

If you are going to play these slots, make sure you only ever do so with your own cash. If you join a casino, chances are you’ll be given a free chip or some bonus cash to play with. Be careful – some casinos do not allow you to play progressive slots with such chips or bonus cash. Those that do may well reveal in the small print that they would not grant you a progressive jackpot win if you did trigger it using that cash. Another tip worth noting is to make sure you only ever play these games in accredited casinos you know you can trust. Look for a long and trusted track record of timely payouts and no hassle. Then, if you do win, you know you won’t get any issues receiving your cash.

What are progressive jackpot slots, and should you play them?

Only you can decide whether you might want to give these games a try. You can certainly do so by accessing the demo mode first to see what is involved. Once you’ve done that, you can see whether you like the game and whether you want to place some bets on it. Only by doing so will you get an opportunity – however long the odds might be – to play for the progressive jackpot. While many games don’t bother with these jackpots, some will provide just one amount to be won. Others provide two, three, or four, progressive jackpots, each going up in size. They are usually named too, with some names relating to the theme of the slot.

What does progressive slot machine mean?

This term is given to slot machines that include at least one jackpot amount that grows larger the more bets are placed on that machine. To make this happen, a tiny sliver of each bet – maybe even a cent or less – is contributed to the overall jackpot. The makers build a combination of symbols into the machine that must present on the reels to trigger the jackpot payout for the player who found that combination. No one will know what is required to trigger it, so everyone hopes they will be the lucky person who makes it happen. Some machines might have several progressive pots on offer. These work in the same way a single pot does, i.e. a small contribution to each jackpot amount is made with each bet. The attraction is simple to understand – everyone hopes they will be lucky enough to scoop a major jackpot. Of course, you would still get the chance to win any of the regular prizes included as part of that game.

Beating progressive slot machines: Is there a way you can do it?

Luck is the one thing you need here. There is no way you can ‘beat’ a slot like this, just as you cannot beat any slot machine. Just bear in mind the advice we’ve given you above and remember you should always play to enjoy the experience. Playing to win a progressive jackpot is one way to become disappointed real quick!

How big can progressive slots payouts get?

How about climbing into the millions? There are several people who have played some of the most familiar progressives around today (Mega Moolah among them) and won millions of dollars for their troubles. Others have won several hundred thousand dollars. One site revealed the biggest win (in euros) as €18,915,721 on Mega Moolah Mega. Mega Fortune Mega is another title that regularly pays out unbelievably large sums. No one knows when the next big winner will be announced, but we all love waiting to hear that news.