Arcade Fortune Slots

A welcome throwback to earlier times when computer games were barely at their dawn, Arcade Fortune Slots is a highly entertaining online slot money-making vehicle with a pleasant atmosphere of the good old past, which will successfully aid you on your quest to become richer in the present. There are more bonuses, extras, features and surprises scattered across the game’s 5 reels and 18 paylines than you can remember.

Looks of the Arcade

The symbols of Arcade Fortune are all about that feeling of long-past times when people didn’t stay behind closed doors to play hours and hours of internet games but rather chose to go outside and participate in games with others face to face. Therefore, you will see as your icons Walkmans, bubblegums, skateboards, pinball machines, juices, a red hair boy, a purple hair girl, in fancy retro clothing and hairstyle, the usual card symbols and others. The main frame of the reels is filled in a rich violet color, the font and the design of the main screens of the game are bursting with color. By the time you are done, you will have realized that the many rewards you have reaped have been made all the more pleasurable by the good work the designers of the game have put into its animation and drawings.

A Very Tasty Bubble Gum

A spectacularly comfortable option the game provides its players will be revealed when they receive the bubble gum symbol on reel five. Whenever it happens, three pieces of gum will come down and stick on a certain place among the reels (except the place of the symbol on the fifth reel). Then the fascinating thing happens. All the symbols with a bubble gum stuck to them will be transformed into a wild symbol and will remain there for three re-spins. During those additional spins more of the same type of motionless wilds can appear and all in all you can end those three or more additional spins with tremendous earnings.

The Arcade Bonuses

The scatter symbol which unlocks the game’s bonus round is the arcade machine. If three of those symbols show up on your reels you will be given the choice to select the bonus called “Skee Ball” or the one named “Galaxy”. Skee Ball will give players three random prizes, while “Galaxy” will deliver just one but it will likely be much bigger than expected. Progressive jackpots is yet another awesome extra that Arcade Fortunes can provide. There is the Mystery Jackpot and the Super Slots Jackpot, which might be familiar to you from other popular slot games. The Mystery jackpot is awarded randomly to someone who is playing when it reaches 10,000 dollars and the same goes for the Super Slots jackpot; however, the latter one is worth between forty and forty-five thousand dollars. Arcade Fortunes doesn’t stop there. It also has the double up feature which you will be able to savor after every successful combination. A game is initiated in which a crane is lowered and is supposed to pick up a toy. If it succeeds, then your last earning will be doubled. You can win as much as 25,000 dollars through this option. It sounds great but it is not without risk because if you miss one time, all your earnings will be lost so you have to use the option with extreme caution.

Swim in Fortune

You will enjoy the beautiful looks of this game but what is truly unforgettable in Arcade Fortune Slots is its endless opportunities, which have the potential to make you very rich.