Do You Fancy a Taste of Aruban Nights?

Aruban Nights… hmm, do we mean Arabian Nights? No, we don’t, because here we are focusing on the Aruban Nights slot game fresh from the Arrow’s Edge team. This is a great game, too, with a superb game screen that really gets you in the mood for the theme.

It’s an exotic game screen, to be sure, and you can check out the barman, the various characters and even some symbols such as flamingos and margaritas! Are you ready for a great time?

How many reels and paylines does Aruban Nights have?

We’ve got a familiar feeling here – this game offers up a nice combination of five reels and 20 paylines.

How much or little can you wager?

With 20 lines, you can bet as little as 20 cents, meaning you get one cent per line. Your maximum bet is a huge $240.

What special symbols can help you?

Michael appears on the reels from time to time, and you’ll want to see him too, as he can deliver you some free spins. Lindsey is also worth something, and she is the scatter symbol.

The best bit is that three Lindsey symbols will trigger a number of free spins. You have to get three of them in succession on a payline for 10 free spins to be awarded. This also means you could in theory get three in succession on more than one line in a single spin. Do that and you could have a nice number of free spins to enjoy in one hit!

Is there a bonus round?

No, but there is a rather interesting feature that you will trigger every time you win some kind of prize. Basically, when you get a winning combination, all the symbols that are part of that combination will vanish. They are automatically replaced with a number of fresh symbols, and a multiplier. Get another winning combo and you will get a higher multiplier with it as well. This is called the Happy Hour feature and we think it more than makes up for the lack of a proper bonus round.

Enjoy the Aruban Nights slot game today!

We liked this slot game because it has a fresh and appealing look, and there is more than enough to keep you entertained. If you are ready for a taste of Aruban Nights, why not check out this game today?