Arrow’s Edge Presents the Showcase Slot Game

Sometimes you get an instant feel of what a particular game has to offer you. However, in this case, you may not immediately realize what Showcase is all about.

The good news is it all becomes clear when you see the game screen. This slot game is based on a TV game show, and the screen works really well with this theme. Check out the host on the left, with the contestant on the right, hoping to win a prize or two. Maybe you will too.

What number of reels and paylines are in action here?

The game offers you five reels, in common with many other slots. It also has 20 paylines – a nice number to cover even if you’re on a smaller budget.

How much or little could you bet on each line?

You can get started with a 20 cent bet, which means covering every line at one cent apiece. You can also wager as much as $240 on a single spin, which equates to $12 per line.

Does Showcase have any special symbols in play?

It does indeed, and they are all relevant to the theme in play. For example, the wild symbol takes the form of one of the contestants in Showcase – his name is Tim. If he pops up as part of a winning combination, he’ll double the usual prize you’d win. Another contestant is the scatter symbol – this is Carol. You only need two scatters to win a prize, although, of course, the more you get the bigger your prize will be.

She can also steer you towards some free spins if you can manage to get three scatters on the screen at the same time.

Is there a bonus round on a separate screen?

There is indeed. One of the other symbols in the game takes the form of a bonus wheel. When this appears on the second and fourth reels as part of a payline, you’ll trigger the bonus round. You then get to spin the bonus wheel for real to see if you can win a prize before you return to the main game. You can even turn down the first prize you get in the hope of winning something better on the second spin.

Play Showcase slots today!

This is a great game based on a great theme. It has been well-designed and as such, you’ll have a great time playing it.