Lawless Ladies Slots

The Lawless Ladies don’t sound too welcoming, do they? Mind you, some slot games have suspicious characters who end up being useful when you’re playing. So, are the Lawless Ladies going to take that route or will we wish we hadn’t met them? There’s just one way we can find out…

Developer details for this slot game

You’ll find this proprietary slot at Bovada and a handful of other linked casinos.

It does offer a chance for some practice play

We’d advise you to take that chance if you can, as it gives you an opportunity to learn more about the game from several angles. You can use the demo credits inside the slot to do so.

Let’s find out how the theme works

Once you see the wooden structures and the mix of symbols on the reels, it’s no surprise to see the Lawless Ladies are, in fact, cowgirls. We’ll explore the theme further as we go through this review in stages.

What did we make of the design?

The slot does look impressive, and the ladies in the title do all appear on the reels. They have different background of varied colors, so it’s easy to see if you’ve managed to match enough of the same one to receive a prize. There are plenty of other Wild West-themed symbols here as well.

Lawless Ladies begins… Let’s find out how to play

The usual 5 x 3 set of reels is back here, and you’ll have a progressive jackpot to play for alongside all the other prizes. This is underneath the reels, so you can check on it there.

Look out for the sheriff’s badge because this is the substitute. It offers a 3x multiplier whenever you spot it forming part of a successful combination. It also becomes an expanding wild on reel three.

Watch for the saloon doors too, appearing with FREE written across them in some

cases and SPINS written on them in others. The first type of scatter only lands on the first reel and the second one is reserved for the fifth reel. More about those doors later…

How many lines does this game have?

There are 20 of them in action if you decide to play this slot game.

Sorting out your wagers

The game comes with lots of possibilities, but fortunately we do have a minimum penny wager per line in play here. Since you need to cover all the lines, this means we have a starting bet of 20 cents per spin.

Paytable details for the Lawless Ladies slot

Make sure you explore this before playing the game for the first time. There is ample info there and it’s all been laid out in a logical way, too.

Bonus features in Lawless Ladies

There are none in this game, unfortunately.

Watch for the doors to earn some free spins

Well, we guessed this already, given the messages on those doors, didn’t we? The idea is to land the first door on the first reel and the second one on the fifth reel to spell out the ‘free games’ message you need. You’ll receive 10 free spins along with a 3x multiplier to boost their potential. You can spot those doors again if things go your way, so there is a chance to score more spins as well.

RTP details

Our research suggests the return to player percentage reaches around the 95.8% mark in this game, so it looks reasonable enough.

How high is our rating?

There is nothing too unusual about this game, which in one way is reassuring. It’s certainly going to be a 7/10 game, featuring some excellent graphics and plenty of action on those reels.

How often do we hear about jackpot winners?

Hard to tell, as any progressive can drop at any time. If we find out that someone has managed to receive the progressive jackpot for Lawless Ladies, we’ll report on that here.

Play for some good times today with no risk

If you just want to see how the game works and not bother with a real bet or two – at least not to begin with – you can try the demo at all participating casinos.

Check your wagers before playing for real

Covering the 20 lines is going to cost 20 cents a spin, so make sure you like the game enough – and can afford it – before you play the real Lawless Ladies game.

Mobile accessibility

Lawless Ladies works just fine on Android and iOS devices, so meet the ladies wherever you are when you’re ready for some cowgirl action on the reels.