Pixiu Slots

Many levels, you ask? Yes, but we will tell you more about that shortly. Firstly, we should dispel any notions of seeing a pixie in this game. The Pixiu title sent us thinking along those lines when we first saw it, but this is one of the best Oriental-themed games we have encountered.

Tired of Oriental-style slots? You may want to change your mind when you see this.

Reels and paylines

There are only three reels here, but three rows mean we get ample room to play on five paylines with each spin.

What can you wager on this game?

The smallest coin value is two cents, so a bet on every line would require as little as 10 cents per spin. Meanwhile, there is a chance to choose from other coin values too, going as high as $250 in total with each spin.

Pixiu special symbols

Watch out for the red dragon, as it is the trigger for the top prize of 2,000 coins… but only when three appear on a paid line.

You may not expect to see a bonus symbol in a slot with just three reels. However, this one does have one, and we’ll learn more about this shortly.

Are there bonus features to look for?

Yes, but there is another feature you may wish to know about as well. The base game has four levels, starting you off on the first of those. Every time you complete 25 spins, you will advance to the next level. Each successive level boasts better prizes, so it makes sense to plan a longer session playing this game if your budget can stand it.

Meanwhile, three bonus icons will deliver a choice of bonuses for you to enjoy. The easiest option is to go for an instant credit prize. If you’d rather play the bonus, you get the chance to select some coins to see what you have won. The third option is to play some free games. If you go for this option, you’ll get free spins based on the base game level you are in. The higher you are, the more freebies you get.

Download and enjoy playing the Pixiu slot today!

This is a superb game, and one of the most entertaining three-reel slots we have seen in a while. You might even forget it only has three reels, thanks to the depth it can offer you.