Ultimate 10x Wild Slots

Whenever a slot tells us it is the ultimate in something… we must admit we are always skeptical! However, this might just be one that does live up to its title. Ultimate 10x Wild sounds promising and as you’ll see, it turns out to be rather good too…

Can you guess who created it?

You may have a reasonable idea if you are familiar with titles from Wager Gaming since they created this one as well as many others.

Demo action available too

While we think you may well want to play the real thing, we suggest you start with the practice alternative WGS has given you here.

Thin on the theme

Yes, the game doesn’t have much in terms of a theme, but you can guess there is a multiplier involved, so let’s see how the game pans out in the most important areas.

Design elements rolled into Ultimate 10x Wild

If you wondered whether this might look like a classic slot inside a casing, you’re spot on there. No need to pull the handle on the screen though – just use the controls you’re given to click or tap on.

Let’s unleash a few spins on Ultimate 10x Wild slots

This just has three reels, and it’s quite basic because of that. It does have a progressive prize too, and it is a must-win one, triggering whenever it reaches $25,000… or before.

The game offers two wild symbols. Both look like ovals with writing inside them. The main thing to note is the multiplier inside each one. The first has 3x inside it and the second has the 10x mentioned in the title.

Paylines… or payline?

There is only one here, so we’re looking at a singular payline.

How much does it cost to play Ultimate 10x Wild?

Wager Gaming tends to offer a penny on many of its games, and that is true of this one as well. Other values are available up to a maximum of $5 per coin. We say per coin because you can play up to three on the payline.

Paytable information

The game offers the paytable above the reel set, so you can refer to that whenever you want. This only shows part of the paytable, but you can check on the rest by hitting the message to view more. Remember to look at the prizes equal to the quantity of coins you’re going to play with.

What about bonus features?

There are none on another screen, but we do need to introduce you to those wilds. Whenever you find one as part of a winning line, it will receive the multiplier shown – either 3x or 10x. You can also find two wilds to see them multiply together for a bigger boost. This means two of the 10x wilds would enhance your prize by 100x its usual value.

Free spins don’t appear here

Ultimate 10x Wild would be cool with some of these, but sadly, there were none in the game.

RTP status for this slot game

The value looks like coming in at around 96.5%, which is above the average for a slot game.

How highly do we rate the Ultimate 10x Wild slot?

We’re giving this one 8.5 points out of 10. This is a simple three-reel game at its heart, yet there are many entertaining features to look at. The multipliers are key here, so they could change the way you view standard three-reel games.

What’s the winning potential like?

We know the maximum the progressive might reach before it drops, but the paytable is worth looking at for more prize information. If you can find three 10x wild symbols all lined up on the single payline, you will receive a monster 30,000x your bet.

Play for some entertainment and experience first

This is sensible to do because you’ll gain an understanding of how everything works if you do this. You may not like it… or you might love it!

Play this one as a penny slot

It’s worth playing as a three-penny slot really, as the prizes for three coins are always bigger. You can still use a penny per coin to get the three-coin prizes in your sights.

Try Ultimate 10x Wild on mobile devices as well

With iOS and Android devices able to download and access this game, it gives you another way to play.