Will You Score with Touchdown?

How much do you know about American football? Well, this online slot game doesn’t require you to know much about it at all, and you’ll still have a great time playing all the options it has to share with you.

As you will see, there are plenty of opportunities to win some prizes in Touchdown. Let’s look at some details now, shall we?

What combination of reels and paylines is in play here?

If you like a smaller number of paylines to cover, this game has only nine of them. Additionally, these are arranged over the course of five reels.

What are your bet amounts like?

One thing all Arrow’s Edge slots have in common is the wealth of bet amounts available. With nine lines to cover, you’ll see a range of bets to choose from – and you’re bound to find ones that fit with your budgets.

Which symbols will you see on the reels in Touchdown slots?

There are some good symbols in play here. Take the substitute, for example. There are actually three of these – 1st Down, 2nd Down and 3rd Down. These appear on the middle three reels, with each one appearing only on its respective reel (i.e. 1st Down on the second reel, and so on). Each one can substitute for other symbols, and when this happens, your prize will be doubled.

Watch for the football as well, because this acts as a scatter. Two or more will win you a prize, even when they do not appear on a payline.

Can you expect a bonus round?

There is a Touchdown Bonus, which you can unlock by finding the Touchdown Bonus symbol. This will appear on the first and fifth reels only, and you can get the bonus by finding one in conjunction with at least one of the substitute symbols.

When this happens, you get x6 your bet amount. However, if you get one or two Touchdown Bonus symbols together with all three separate substitutes, you will get an amazing x250 the amount you just wagered.

Download and enjoy playing Touchdown slots today!

As you can see, you really don’t have to know anything about American football to make the most out of this game. With the potential to get a x250 multiplier on the Touchdown Bonus round, you will want to see the substitutes and bonus symbols appearing as often as possible!