Yakuza Slots

The Yakuza, or organized crime syndicates in Japan, have gained worldwide notoriety through numerous depictions in movies and TV shows. And now you can take a slots journey into the underground world of Japanese gangs through Yakuza slots. This 5-reel, 25-payline game features several Yakuza members that offer big payouts when they appear in wins. You'll also find police detectives on the reels who want to bring the Yakuza down. Let's continue discussing this slot by looking at its background, graphics, bonuses, and mobile play.

Yakuza Slots Background and Graphics

This game takes place in the dark streets of Tokyo and in the Yakuza Boss' mansion (bonus). The streets are particularly impressive since you'll see neon signs, red lanterns, and a sword-wielding thug. The mansion shows the angry boss sitting in his chair, trying to decide who's betraying his gang.

The symbol graphics aren't as impressive as the background scenes, but they still look better than most slots. Symbols include 5 male Yakuza gang members, 3 female members, police detectives, weapons, and the Yakuza Boss. Some of the gang members look pretty intimidating with scars on their faces and eye patches.

Yakuza Slots Features - Sword Wild, Find the Traitor

Despite the fact that these Yakuza have automatic weapons, they still enjoy striking fear into people's hearts with a sword. And this particular sword not only serves as a wild symbol, but also gives you a free re-spin(s) every time that it appears on the reels. The Sword Wild will shift one reel to the left after every re-spin, and you'll continue receiving re-spins until the sword has exited the reels. As if this isn't enough, the Sword Wild also multiplies wins by 3x.

If you land the Japanese gangster scatter 3 times or more anywhere on the reels, you'll trigger the bonus game. This takes you to the boss' mansion, where you'll see a lineup of nine Yakuza members. You need to help the boss root out the traitor leader, which awards you 50x your triggering bet. If you pick the mole, you'll receive a regular bonus payout. If you choose three loyal gang members, then you'll only win half the bonus amount that you've accumulated.

Yakuza Slots Jackpot

Yakuza slots offers two different progressive jackpots in the Mystery Jackpot and Super Slots Jackpot. The Mystery prize is hit as soon as it reaches $10,000, so you'll want to up your bets when it nears the $10k mark. The Super Slots Jackpot is usually won around $45,000 - $50,000, giving you a big payout.

Yakuza Slots Mobile

Yakuza slots is fully compatible with smartphones and tablets, meaning you can play this game anywhere as long as you have an Android, Apple iOS, or Windows Phone product.

Overall, Yakuza slots is a very good game that dives into a unique subject that's typically only covered by movies and TV. Beyond the unique theme, this game offers some cool features like the Sword Wild, and bonus where you find the traitor. If you like playing for big jackpots, you'll also appreciate both the Mystery and Super Slots prizes. Our only complaint is that the symbol graphics aren't as impressive as the rest of the game. But if you can get by this, then you'll have a good time with Yakuza slots.