The New Taste on the Block: Pierre’s Pattiserie

Pierre’s Pattiserie is a brand new online slot game which has adopted the unusual but exceptionally pleasant theme of tasty French food. It has 5 reels and 25 paylines. If you have also played Chef Wars slots or Small Fortune Slots you will notice a number of similarities like for instance the same number of reels and paylines and the presence of a progressive jackpot with the former, in addition to the specific kitchen atmosphere.

Symbols and Cascading Reels: The Main Course

With this game, you will be increasing your appetite and your earnings simultaneously. During the game you will come across some wonderfully looking cupcakes, pancakes, croissants and of course progressive jackpots, not to mention various different bonus opportunities. First off players, will get to experience the thrills of cascading reels, which are able to provide additional wild symbols and lots and lots of free spins. In Pierre’s Pattiserie the cascading reels work with the Bag of Flour symbol. Every time it lands on your reels and you win something via a combination, the symbols will disappear and will be replaced with new ones and if you are lucky and acquire another earning you will keep it as well. This process may continue indefinitely to the point when your luck runs out and you don’t make a winning combination.

Wild Baking and Free Spins: The Side Course

Additional pleasantries to the menu will include the wild baking option. When a second consecutive earning is accomplished by the player, the cupcake symbol is transformed into a wild one and so you get the chance to win even more. With every fourth consecutive win the macaron icon gets transformed into a wild, with every sixth earning that happens in a row the pancake becomes wild and with every eight-the croissant. As if cascading reels and wild baking isn’t enough to get you excited, the free spins option proves to be just as generous. You need at least three of the Pierre symbols, which are the scatter ones in the game in order to acquire 15 free spins. If the wonderful Flour Bag comes into your possession throughout the free spins you will collect even more wins. Three scatters will grant the player three more spins. Six Flour Bags will grant the player three spins and a triple multiplier. Of course, these free spins can be reinitiated again and again until you run out of luck.

Pierre’s Dessert

The cherry on top of the cake is certainly the so-called Mystery Progressive Jackpot. It is won by a currently playing online gambler at the precise moment when it reaches 10 000 dollars so cross your fingers for this phenomenal award to reach you.

It Will Be Delicious

Pierre’s Pattiserie is what a new slot game should be like, surprising, thrilling and tasty both on the outside and the inside.