Pierre’s Patisserie Slots: A Very Tasty Offer

Pierre’s Pattiserie Slots unites two very pleasant thoughts for any player of any game really: money and food. Do you go for pastries and baked sweets? You are a lucky person if the answer in your case is yes. Developers of slot games have come up with projects on various different topics and have decorated them with numerous themes. You are highly unlikely to have seen a slot game about delicious French cooking. You might as well be pleasantly surprised by the generous options and intriguing features the players can be provided with in this unique slot with 5 reels and 25 paylines.

Rules of the French Kitchen

A unique game needs rather special rules and awards as well and Pierre’s Pattiserie certainly has both. The most memorable element of this game will be the unusual case of the bag of flour symbol. If you receive it, an effect will immediately be activated: all the symbols on the reel will be replaced with new ones and you might as well get awards which you might have considered impossible to get if your initial luck wasn’t the best up to that point. The same effect will happen if a winning sequence is accomplished. Therefore, with this slot game you can forget entirely for winning combinations: some may like it, some may not but everything here is quite simple and straightforward. Another transformative effect will take place at every consecutive win-a random symbol will become wild. So, if your second consecutive win happens the cupcake symbol will become wild. The fourth will turn the macaron into wild, the 6th will turn the pancake and the eight-the croissant.

Special French Ingredients

The bakery has stored a couple of more surprises for its customers. The scatter symbol is the Pierre. If you get at least three of them in your reels you will acquire 15 free spins. The bag of flour comes into play here as well but this time, with the free spins your symbols won’t be entirely replaced-instead you will be receiving additional free spins. One bag of flour gives the player one more free spin and so on. If the player gets bags of flour in all his or her reels or if just six of the precious symbols are received three spins will be awarded but also with the addition of a sweet multiplier of three. You can continue this process forever until your luck runs out. Naturally, the game offers a progressive jackpot and it is awarded to the player when it adds up to 10 000 dollars so the best way to make sure that you are there to take it is if you keep playing again and again.

Get a Taste of Pierre’s Pattiserie

A lot of good things are on the menu of this wonderful game-from exciting twist and turns to unexpected rewards that come just in the right moment and you are bound to have a lot of fun when you play this surprisingly good and all-around irreplaceable slot game.