Mystic Gems Slots

Slot games feature all manner of icons and themes, but among the most popular we must surely include those that involve gems. Since this game goes by the name Mystic Gems, it seems we’ve solved one mystery, at least. We decided to try the game and bring you some answers here, as we guess you’re going to want to know more about it.

Here comes the developer reveal…

Would you guess the game comes from Wager Gaming? It seems we have solved another mystery. But are we in for a mystic game, still, we wonder?

You’re able to try the demo

We always think it’s best to experiment with a slot you haven’t seen before, but you can only do this if you have a demo to try. And Wager Gaming has given us that here.

A gem of a theme

You knew this one was going to involve gems, right? And there is no doubt that it does. There are some superb colors involved in the game as you play.

Design features in Mystic Gems

Be ready for a simpler design in this instance, as it is far from the most involved and complex game we have seen in terms of appearance. That said, we still like it and it does feel quite relaxed and straightforward to play.

Let’s get underway and spin the reels of Mystic Gems

There are five reels in this one, although we found nothing involving a progressive jackpot.

One thing we did find was a wild symbol – and far from being a gem, it turns out to be a gold beetle. This can appear on reels two through four, substituting for everything apart from the scatter, so we have the usual rule in play there.

How many paylines does the game offer?

There are 10 lines in this game, and we also get a pay both ways mechanic. So, if you find three identical symbols on a line from the fifth reel across, you’ll score a prize for those too.

Choose your bet before you spin

As always, we looked to see if we could try this as a penny slot – and we could. You’ll also see many other coins ranging up to the $5 top value one.

INFO reveals the paytable

This is the quick way to reach it, and it makes sense to do that if you would like to learn a little more about the prize values before you begin (as you should).

Look out for this bonus feature

This is known as the Mystery Multiplier, and it triggers if you can get the scatter to land in every position on reel three. This triggers a random prize, so you can just sit back and wait to see what you receive. You may receive your bet back for that spin… or anything up to 500x that amount!

There are no free spins but you might score some respins

If you land a complete stack of wilds on reel two, three, or four, they’ll stay put while you receive some respins. You’ll get the same amount as the reel you found the wilds on, meaning two, three, or four for that numbered reel. And if you were wondering whether the wilds would stay where they landed, yes, they do.

A higher RTP than we thought

Yes, this one comes out at 97%, so it’s above the average.

What did we think of Mystic Gems?

It’s superb, especially as it offers more than you’d think at first glance. It feels a little like Starburst, but there are differences. We’ll give it eight points out of 10.

What’s the biggest available line prize?

It looks like 600x your bet, which is quite decent for this type of game. It clearly isn’t a highly volatile title.

Demo action available whenever you want it

To get a proper feel for the game, test the demo first.

Play for real when you’re ready for Mystic Gems

See how many you can line up – but make sure you’ve got your minimum bet sorted first, not to mention a budget.

Mobile gaming too!

Yes, you can even play this one on your mobile device, whether that’s on Android or iOS.