Kate’s Waddle Slots

If it is something unique you're after when playing online slot machine games, then the recently released arctic, animal themed Kate’s Waddle Slots title with its huge reel frame certainly deserves your attention. This unusual casino game, which is a creation from well-known software developer Arrow's Edge, gives you an abundance of fun features to play and make sizable wins with.

Start to spin the many reels of this casino game, and enrich yourself with the help of symbol replacing and free spins triggering symbols, the extra free spins triggering orca, and no less than three very juicy progressive jackpots that heat up the spinning action and keep you warm in this icy slot spinning environment that Arrow's Edge has developed for you.

Symbols That You Find on the Huge Reel Frame

Kate’s Waddle Slots has a unique, ten reel and ten row (10X10) reel screen at which you need to make your wins with the help of themed non-feature and special feature triggering icons. This slot title pays out on clusters. You need the place at least six identical, adjacent reel attributes in vertical or horizontal rows to trigger wins.

Non-feature symbols in this virtual casino game are the polar bear, the walrus, the orca, the boat, the seagull, and the igloo. Special feature triggering icons are Kate the penguin (free spins), and the symbol replacing wild penguin.

Replace Symbols and Trigger Wins with the Penguin Wild Symbol

The symbol substituting penguin wild attribute functions as a replacement icon in combinations. It therefore will help you to complete combinations and trigger wins. Keep in mind that the wild penguin is only able to replace adjacent reel attributes, and that it is not possible to replace the Kate free spins symbol with it.

Kate the Penguin Helps You to Spin for Free

Five, six, seven, eight, or nine Kate the penguin icons activate five, six, seven, eight, or nine free games respectively. When you trigger free games, the slot machine’s reels will change to 5X5, 6X6, 7X7, or 9X9 frames, depending on the number of Kate the penguin attributes that launched the free spins feature. You will return to the standard sized 10X10 reel frame when the free spins bonus round is over.

The Jumping Orca Feature Activates Extra Free Spins

While playing with free spins during your arctic spinning adventure, you have a chance of spotting the jumping orca. When this orca makes its jump in front of the slot machine reels, you receive three extra free games to play with.

Progressive Jackpots That Turn up the Reel Spinning Heat

Some slot machine games heat up the excitement by giving you a chance to win one progressive jackpot reward. However, Kate’s Waddle Slots turns up the spinning heat even more due to the possibility that you can win not just one but three progressive jackpot rewards while playing the game. These three top rewards are the mystery jackpot, the cash grab jackpot, and the super slots jackpot.

Due to these rewards being progressive jackpots, they will increase in value over time until they drop in normal games (no jackpot wins occur during free spins mode). These three jackpots are able to deliver huge cash rewards to your bankroll. Anticipating their drops will keep you extra excited and motivated to keep spinning in this arctic slot game environment.

have extra powerful doses of spinning fun with Kate’s Waddle Slots

With so much reels spots at your disposal, you will have an extra powerful dose of spinning fun and lots of opportunities to make great wins when you play Kate’s Waddle Slots. Bring your unique, artic spinning experience to live at Arrow’s Edge powered casino platforms, and go after those lucrative progressive jackpot rewards and other big prizes that will give you warm feelings of joy and excitement.