Winnings from the Ocean: Ocean Life Slots

Submerge yourself into the fresh, beautiful world of Ocean Life Slots, an online game, which will transport you straight into the summer season and all its breath-taking wonders. Allow the seaside spirit to take over and bravely venture forward to success. This piece of money-generating entertainment will offer you 3 reels and one payline.

Ocean Life

Your symbols will vary greatly: there are sea creatures of virtually every kind-turtles, octopuses, all kinds of fish, sea horses, dolphins, whales, sharks and many others. One of the more important symbols is the shark-if you get it you will open the bonus level but you have to receive it in your middle reel. The wild symbol in Ocean Life slots is the dolphin. If you get a winning combination and if by some chance, there is a dolphin in there your earnings will be doubled. Respectively if you get two dolphins you will multiply your winning by four as so on.

Ocean Bonus

Once the bonus level is initiated you will have lots of fun: you be given a choice between 12 types of fish. Then you will choose one of them and it will make its way to either a submarine, a school of fish, a sunk wrecked ship in which a treasure is hidden or a coral reef. You have to get three of the fish in one of the places you will get a prize depending on the place your fish chose. The bonus levels you will be able to unlock take you to different places; one bonus will take you to one part of the ocean while another will take you to some other level of the ocean bed which is as equally fascinating.

Ocean Prizes

In Ocean Life slots there are three jackpots that are waiting for you to make the right move and get your hands on them. They are the Mystery, Cash Grab and Super Slots jackpots. The Super Slot works between the numbers of 40 and 45 thousand dollars. The Cash Grab jackpot is smaller-between two and five thousand. The Mystery one will bring you precisely 10 thousand dollars. In addition, Ocean Life slots will give you the opportunity to double your eventual earnings. You will be given the chance to choose whether a coin will end up with the shark side up or the whale side up. If you guess right your winnings will multiply by two and then you get to try it again and again until you reach the stunning sum of 25 000 dollars. However, keep in mind that an incorrect guess with bring you back to the zero.

In Conclusion

Ocean Life slots is a new gorgeously looking, exciting and easy to understand way to gain a lot of financial prizes and it is an essential game for every fan of the genre.